View Full Version : Is this the typical Australian?

Phil E
24-11-16, 13:11
You know those comedy shows that unfairly depict the typical Australian?

It seems he is real?


24-11-16, 14:11
He fits a global stereotype of Australians. But you'd meet the same sort of persopn in Britain I'd say, and NZ for sure, and Canada and the USA. Only in the USA he'd have a concealed weapon and would have blown the driver away etc.

That said as a Norf Kent pom, Ive been described by an Australian as being more Australian that most Australians. So there ya go!


24-11-16, 14:11
Love this guy. He seems to be a more genuine version of Nick Cummins.
Sportsbet (Aussie bookmaker) tracked him down and gave him a 5 pack of Bonds undies and a slab of beer for his trouble (and some free publicity of course).

Dickie E
24-11-16, 20:11

fuller version.

"I'm just like .... MATE!"

I wonder if he can bat?

Reminds me of:


Lee Lifeson-Peart
26-11-16, 11:11
I can only assume his "corks" hat fell off during the chase...mate.:D