View Full Version : Bourgoin's try v Munster

15-01-07, 11:01
the try to make it 20-20.... went to TMO ... try awarded but for me: looked like a non momentum effort and penalty to defence to me .. similar to Ben Cohen's effort v Ireland a couple of years ago.

What do others think?

15-01-07, 12:01
Very borderline IMHO.

I eventually (after several replays) decide that most of the momentum was actually supplied by Munster, and he simply profited from it. Apart from the twist to put the ball down, I could not see any real signs of him trying to move forward after the tackle.

15-01-07, 13:01
It looked a lot more dubious in slow-motion than it did in real time, but I didn't think there was enough doubt to not award it. The player didn't need to make much of an effort to get the ball down over the line, as it appeared that the defenders helping him get dragged over.

Emmet Murphy
15-01-07, 13:01
As far as I can recall there were no 'real time' replays shown and I think that would have been the best way to ascertain the whole momentum question - it's very hard to call in slow motion ... for me it was a try as, like OB says, the Munster defenders were trying to get him on his back and in doing so supplied additional momentum.

15-01-07, 22:01
I thought tackler didn't release ... attacking Pen.

16-01-07, 00:01
I think they all rolled over the line more or less together. Try.

You can only give an attacking penalty if you deem the attacker to have infringed.

Gareth-Lee Smith
16-01-07, 00:01

"You can only give an attacking penalty if you deem the attacker to have infringed."

Assuming that this was meant to read 'the defender to have infringed'?

16-01-07, 00:01
No. That was the abbreviated version. If the attacker infringed, then you cannot award a try, but you go back to the first offence, which was the tackler holding on.

However I did not see it that way. Just a try.

Gareth-Lee Smith
16-01-07, 00:01
Apologies, I understand now

18-01-07, 10:01
my tuppence - thought it was fair call on momentum; I think Shaun Payne (last man to make an effort to tackle) knocked him towards the line as he hit him, slightly from the side and behind, providing the impetus necessary. Bourgoin winger then dotted the ball which had not been grounded down on the line.

I thought the Ben Cohen try v Ireland was more stark; stringer hit him from in front and completely checked his motion, one of Cohen's knees went down and he moved himself forward. But then I would say that wouldn't I :)