View Full Version : [7's/10's] 2017 Law trials

31-05-17, 16:05
Can't see this one has been discussed, but when do the new laws for 7's come into force for us mere muggles?

I know the press release mentioned 1/1/17 & 1/8/17 for the 15-a-side game (SH & NH), and then it goes on to say that the 7's law trials start for the 2016/17 HSBC series, but is that for everyone else too?


31-05-17, 21:05
The silence probably means that no-one knows!

The glib answer is that it depends on what is decided by the Organiser and Referee Manager. E.g. nearly every Tournament Regulation (but who reads those?) that I've seen has stated 10 mins each way in the final ... but it always been agreed before the Tournament starts that it will actually be 7 mins ("because that's what HSBC now do"). Not sure what other changes should be incorporated. Thankfully few teams kick PKs for touch, especially after time is up.