View Full Version : [Law] Sale v Saracens. 2 Yelllow Cards. "I need on off from each here"

19-02-18, 14:02
In last weekend's Sale v Saracens game.

Rob Webber had Burger pinned down on the floor by the neck with his forearm. Liam Williams ran in from about 15 metres away and shoved someone, which inflamed the situation and led to a wider skirmish. No punches or otherwise, red-card offences were seen.

Referee Mr Pearce did well to consult the TMO and listen to the TMO's contribution of "I dont think the actions of Sale's (Webber) merit a yellow card"
Mr Pearce replies something like "I completely agree... but I need one each here."
Liam Williams deservedly got a yellow for his actions.

I acknowledge that there was a need to calm down both teams but , if his actions didnt merit it, why give the Sale player a yellow card. ?
I wonder what would have happened if this was a second yellow card for Webber ?
Many people are saying it was harsh.

Thoughts ?

19-02-18, 15:02
So he agrees there is no YC, buthis warped mind says he has to give one?


19-02-18, 16:02
He said that another from Sale was warranted due to the ensuing fracas.

Whilst the actions of the Sale player may not have (ordinarily) justified a YC it was his holding down of Burger on the floor that lead to Liam Williams getting involved in something that was nothing to do with him and then it all 'kicking off'.

The highlight of a rather turgid game tbh.