View Full Version : Here's a WTF moment!

21-07-18, 10:07
I have watched a lot of rugby over the years, especially in the weeds on the sidelines, but I have never seen this happen before.

Its Green v White in a lower grade match (perhaps 3rds or 4ths), the play is a few metres in from the nearside touch in the middle between the 10m and halfway lines. Green 13 grasps White 12 (ball carrier) and Green 5 joins on before they go to ground. Green 5 falls on the wrong side, and then gets pinned. Referee says "roll away 5". Green 5, is lying face down on the ruck, unable to roll away, with the ball right in front of him. Just as the referee calls PK advantage, Green 5 picks the ball up with both hands and hands it up to White 9, who promptly clears it away to his 1st 5/8... the referee plays on to great amounts of laughter from the sideline.

21-07-18, 11:07
fair enough!

21-07-18, 11:07
Ha ha. Seems like a good decision for that level of game.

22-07-18, 10:07
Good decision making, whites have playable ball, greens avoid a penalty, what’s he got to lose!