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Jolly Roger
14-09-18, 09:09
My son is involved in a school debate on whether the tackle should be banned in youth rugby. He is in “6th form” so needs to present in depth research and comprehensive argument.

One area that he is exploring is how laws have changed over recent years in the interest of player safety, so he can show how seriously the rugby authorities take player safety and to present specific examples of continued law revisions to remove unnecessary risk.

I Know that there are some law historians out there and suspect that there will be a lot of documented evidence in defence of the game. I would be really grateful for any information regarding safety specific law changes (not specifically at age grade as these differ across the globe) as well as any pointers for further research.

Many thanks in advance.

14-09-18, 10:09
I don;t have any links I'm afraid but he may be interested in some research I am sure that has been published into the incidence of head trauma that (IIRC!) indicates its not so much the tacklewhere head trauma occurs but the immediate post tackle phase as players converge to challenge for the ball

I could be horribly wrong in my recollection of course!


14-09-18, 11:09

14-09-18, 11:09
Here's some quick thoughts for you:-
1) Introduction of the HIA into the regulations clearly shows a concern for player safety?

2) Protocols and guidance re protecting people in the air?

3) Scrum engagement sequence and trying to remove the ‘hit’?

4) In England the RFU has been running a major campaign on concussion. Pretty much every grass roots club should have had presentations and material, I know we did.