View Full Version : Possible Function I could add

Robert Burns
08-03-05, 02:03
There is a function I could add to the forums that will allow for members to predict rugby games etc in a betting sort of fasion, using forum credits.

It could be used for all different ideas, and obvioulsy like betting, depending on the odds given, you can win or lose, and it will show in a table who is doing best etc..

Obvioulsy it's just fun, so it's programable with a built in heart that gives to those of us that are useless at predictions some more to play with when you run out.

I thought it could be good for use on here, but thought I would see what you (the members) thought about having it?

It is basically a gambling system, but used for fun, as most referees are over 18 (the rest being not far off) it couldn't hurt.

If there were concerns we could make a forum for it that would only allow users over 18 to enter (means you would need to enter your birthdates which of course can be kept private).

Please vote what how you feel about this being introduced, and add your comments if you desire.

Simon Griffiths
12-03-05, 21:03
As nothing's riding on it as such, and I'm still only 17, it had better be for everyone! :D