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04-11-18, 09:11

I agree that outcome should not be the deciding factor but this put the US #9 out of the game.

04-11-18, 10:11
Hmm, maybe not landed on head or neck but driven into the ground, with one view at that I think i’d be going red, regardless of outcome

04-11-18, 11:11
Hmm, maybe not landed on head or neck but driven into the ground, with one view at that I think id be going red, regardless of outcome

You can see from the replay that the head also makes contact with (ie is slammed down with similar force) the ground. Red card.

04-11-18, 12:11
Shocking call red all day

04-11-18, 13:11
Clear Red Card every day of the week and twice on Saturdays.

05-11-18, 09:11
Straight up RC

Can't even see why there would be any discussion.

05-11-18, 11:11
video blocked, but looks like all in agreement, which has to be a first!! :biggrin:

05-11-18, 11:11
Minimum a yellow. I would probable be thinking about a red. He looked like the tackler had lost control and was reckless in his disregard for his duty of care to lower the tackled player to the ground safely.

The only discussion point I could imagine would be (a) No initial contact with head or neck (b) Did he take him beyond the horizontal such that his shoulders were lower than his hips ?

05-11-18, 23:11
CTPE, you are giving the tackler too much benefit.

18. A player must not lift an opponent off the ground and drop or drive that player so that
their head and/or upper body make contact with the ground.

I think this part comes into play.

To me, the critical factor was lifting him to chest height (and he's a damn big lock!) and then body slamming him (WWE style) with his full weight on him.

How can one find out if there was a citing?

Marc Wakeham
06-11-18, 07:11
Video blocked for me.

06-11-18, 09:11
Video blocked for me.

It's a conspiracy! Sad!

We vote today to try to right the ship. I should say "they" as after 56 years here I'm still not a citizen. Trust me, my application is on its way. My daughter sponsored me the $700 to apply.

When I returned from my England trip this year I was held in Immigration for over an hour because they had trouble finding my 56 years old visa and my Green Card was in tatters. After my daughter came looking for me and gave 'em Hell (well within her abilities) they let me leave with the warning that I was now on in their 'system' and if I tried to use that ratty card again I would be arrested.

And here I thought Brits were the favored ones.

06-11-18, 09:11

Opinions on this? Yellow card was the outcome with a lot of opinion that it should have been red.

I'm not sure here. The slamming nature of the tackle makes it dangerous, so would come under 9.13 for me. It's just the colour of the card I'm struggling with.

Marc Wakeham
06-11-18, 10:11
He does not, initially, land on his head . BUT the head does hit the floor with some force.

I'm going RED.

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Marc Wakeham
06-11-18, 10:11
Two threads now on this. The other has a video I can see. Red for me!

Can Mods merge the threads?



06-11-18, 11:11
Sorry guys, I looked but didn't notice this thread so started a new one. Thanks to the mods for merging.

Not Kurt Weaver
06-11-18, 12:11
It's a conspiracy! Sad!


The twitter wordage is good and contains creative humour.

The deleted paragraphs form your post solidify that you are ready to be an American.