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Robert Burns
08-03-05, 04:03
...goes into a shoe shop, looks around and sees a pair he likes. He calls the salesman over and says "I'd like a pair of these in size 8, please." The salesman looks at his feet and comments "Excuse me for saying this, Sir, but I believe you need a size 10." Andy Robinson looks the salesman up and down dismissively, and scowling : "I want them in size 8, do you know who I am?" The salesman replies "Well, yes Sir, your England's rugby coach. But believe me, looking at your feet you want a size 10." "Listen," says Andy Robinson. "We lost to Wales, lost to France and now we've lost to Ireland. We can't kick, can't throw and can't pass. We've even resorted to starting fist fights ! "We're crippled by injuries, we've got bad luck and even the referees are against us. "The only high point of my day is when I get home and take my bloody shoes off!"

:D :D

Sorry guys, saw it on the ZP forum and thought it funny enough to share, I admit it was never my own work.