View Full Version : Shinpads/guards

Robert Burns
10-03-05, 02:03
How many referees actually check these to see what type they are?

I will hold my hand up and admit that I don't, I just do padding and headgear. (nails and hair for women).

If so, how do you do it, request players drop their socks? feel the pad?

10-03-05, 10:03
While checking boots, I run one hand down the side of the pads and then flick the edge to check it's soft. If the shinpad has a soft neoprene edge, then they are usually padded all the way round and hence OK for rugby; if it has a hard edge, then it's probably a football/field hockey style plastic pad, very often with sharp corners, and hence unacceptable. Take the player's number and ask him to remove/replace them and check him again before the game, exactly as you would for unacceptable studs/headgear/shoulderpads/clothing.

10-03-05, 14:03
Never done this, but I do a pretty rigorous stud check and then ask the captain to verify that his players' padding and kit conforms to IRB regs.