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15-03-05, 13:03
I have the great pleasure of doing HMF games on a weds and can say with hand on heart that they make up for the crap we take from sides that disagree with every call we make. last Weds i had an Army side playing a police side both teams had players who play for local sides, but the respect shown to me was great. Only 4 incidents of foul play 1 by the police the others by the Army, when i called the guilty partie to me the explanations were top draw.
Police"Ref all game he has been winding me up saying i,m having a sh*tter" my reply was " I did not think you were that good" Capt laughed smiles all round tension level dropped :)

Army" Ref he was on the wrong side i was helping him make his mind up to leave the tackle zone and he did not squeal when my boots touched him
Ref" why would he squeal :confused:
Army" He is a pig!!" :rolleyes:
Ref"Back 10 watch your feet"
Both sides played hard but had the self controll to manage there game.
These games show how the players and Ref can enjoy the great game and both have a laugh. If you are stuck for games mid week try Forces games if you can get them, it is well worth it :D

Robert Burns
16-03-05, 01:03
Sounds great, wish there were some in my area! :(

16-03-05, 13:03
It was doing a police game that gave me one of the best laughs I've ever had.

Physical game, and mid way into the second, police flanker lets go a mighty right hand.

Call him over prepared to let him have his marching orders for 10 minutes. He ambles over, sheepishly, and then comments that "sorry ref, he fell down the stairs." I was too busy laughing to get the cards out.

I've done forces matches both in the UK and over here, and thoroughly enjoy them. If you ever (unlikely, but still....) get the chance to go to West Point (US Military Academy) - take it. Beautiful setting, physical rugby, no discipline problems....and they've just had a $6 million cash injection (allegedly)

16-03-05, 18:03
I went to Annapolis for the Army-Navy rugby matches one year when a friend of mine was coaching rugby at West Point, but sadly when I was supposed to go to the real Army-Navy game (gridiron), I contracted pneumonia the week before.

When I played for Montgomery County a couple of centuries ago, I always enjoyed the games against the Navy: very fit, very enthusiastic, and very naive!

19-04-05, 21:04
I refereed a game between a police side and a special forces side, people where called away 2 hours before kick off, and people from the camp where drafted in. You would not believe that side had not been playing together, for a long time. It was magical and both teams treated myself and all officials with respect.

I have noticed that when refereeing military games, being ex military did not matter what your rank was, you was the boss and no other, and the respect was given to you from the players even if they where of a higher rank than yourself. This is built into the players, to show respect to senior person on the pitch and within there units.

20-04-05, 00:04
Perhaps one of the most significant differences that some may notice between service and non service games is the quality of leadership shown by service skippers. Invariably the individual is a leader whatever his/her rank, is capable of making decisions and is much, much more than the poor sap given the honour in order to get someone to collect the match fees.

It always provides me with a chuckle when cries of 'Sir', 'Sir' are not apparently directed at you but are more likely to be Corporal Jones asking Lieutenant Smith if the latter would be gracious enough to execute a pass to the lowly Corporal.

If you should ever be so lucky as to referee at a Guards competition then watch out for the ceremonial afterwards - the coming to attention, the march forward with arms swung correctly to shoulder height, an earth shuddering halt followed by an impeccable salute before the hand is offered to collect the proffered medallion or plastic gizit from the C.O. ... and all in full rugby kit.

I shall be at Twickers 7 May to cheer them all on at the Army/Navy game.

20-04-05, 21:04
are you going to the ARURS dinner by any chance??

20-04-05, 22:04
Regrettably no as I shall be at the RNRURS dinner on the same night.

21-04-05, 14:04
Well i will drink to you and make sure that the senior service is toasted HAHAHA :D
might be at the ARMY v NAVY game to see us win again i hope :p

08-05-05, 14:05
Well what can i say this dinner was held at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, what a venue for what was a great night.
Great food,drink 61p a pint and lots of it
some great people and some VIPs who could talk for ages and keep your attention.
and best of all match tickets for the Army v Navy game which we won :D
I hope next year to get permission to invite some members from other societys via this web site as a way of building bridges with civi societys which would not only benefit us but also bring service refs to us.
Rob you missed a great night in the mess and we had a few RAF Officers there who were good laughs and thought the rugby club building we were using was a bit to big hahaha.
Looking forward already to next season, and hope to be able to try and get some exchanges via this site and put faces to names.

08-05-05, 23:05
Another outstanding occasion. The place was full and there were representatives of the Cornwall, Devon and Hampshire Societies all present showing the excellent relations shared between them all; many referees of course belong to at least two Societies. After an excellent dinner, during which I had the pleasure to sit next to the delightful secretary to the Vice President of the RFU, there were a number of presentations to those who had done well and several excellent speeches. The Chaplain to the Armed Forces told a number of very funny and non PC jokes. Leroy Angel, RFU President designate, advised that he did not tell jokes but commented that it was probably the first time we had both a Bishop and an Angel present at the dinner. He outlined his strong support for 'grass roots' rugby and paid deference to those unsung officials who turn out week on week to provide a service to the second, third and fourth fifteens. He mentioned a few items that he feels strongly about and indicated that his presence would be felt; I shall not tell tales out of court for fear of compromising his confidences but all were roundly applauded.

It was with reluctance that I dragged myself out of bed the following morning far too early to catch the bus to twickers for the Army/Navy game. A few days earlier my navy appointer had called to ask whether I was available to referee in the finals stages of the Daily Telegraph Cup Emerging Schools Competition for U12/U13s. Those involved in this will know that the final stage requires referees to be present at Staines shortly after sun up on the morning of the Army/Navy game with the carrot that free entry to watch the big match is assured. Having already performed at the earlier stages I informed my colleague that on this occasion I would be attending the big match as a noisy supporter and might wish to imbibe a small sherry or two. He then asked whether my 14 year old would referee instead but I stated that I required him to attend also to see that I returned home safely on completion. Several of those who had been at the dinner did perform at Staines and indeed for the two finals themselves at half time during the big match. Perhaps next year.

As to the Army/Navy match itself I would say that I was only a little disappointed with the rugby. The Navy were clearly the under dogs although did very well to prevent the Army getting into its game initially. With the scores at 8 all at half time I really thought that we might be able to pull it off after all. Unfortunately, and not wishing to detract from the Army's performance, I felt that the Navy gave the game away with rather too many basic errors. The referee performed well and was well supported by the TJs. The occasion was grand, marred only perhaps by an unwanted streaker in a large afro wig which fell off when he was unceremoniously and resoundingly dump tackled by two stewards. Someone commented that he had obviously been greviously tackled by the fuzz as it was seen to fall off and bounce along the pitch like tumbleweed in a Western film. I do deplore the lame attempts to get repeated Mexican waves going as these block your view at critical moments and the antics of some who cannot hold their drink. All in all a grand day out, if a long one and there is always next year when, I understand, several British Lions have signed to join the dark blue in order to counter the Fijian infiltration into the Army.

Rumour has it that next year's dinner will be a tri service event?

09-05-05, 13:05
Sounds like you guys had a good time

Robert Burns
09-05-05, 16:05
Bet it was great, Might have to dig out the No. 5's next year if it becomes Tri service.

09-05-05, 19:05
If it is Tri Services next year that would be one hell of a night.
Army on the top table the guins on the bottom and the Navy serving the food ;)
And then we all go to HQ and watch the Army win again what better way to end a great weekend.
But all joking apart :D i hope it comes off and then we can all enjoy a great night, but where would we hold it ?? Twickers?. As for some off the Lions going blue next year lets hope Gavin Henson looks good in bell bottoms :rolleyes:

10-05-05, 00:05
Robert, what is your interpretation of Nos 5s, surely you mean Nos 4s? 4 weddings, 4 funerals, 4 christenings, dinners etc...

Robert Burns
10-05-05, 16:05
lol, always called No. 5's in the RAF, Mess Dress, normally wear No.1's at Funerals, Weddings etc..

11-05-05, 00:05
Ah, well there you go. Navy Nos 4s used to be your very best, complete with sword and medals; Nos 5s were the same negat sword and medals. Officers Nos 1s were reserved for those of Flag rank whereas the lads had Nos 1s which were worn on the same occasions as Nos 5s. Mind you, it's all camouflage gear now so you can't see them anyway. But I digress...

11-05-05, 10:05
why no 5s (or 4s) rather than No 2s?


Robert Burns
11-05-05, 10:05
2A dress in the RAF is Jumpers with Wedgewood Blue shirts and ties (compulsary for officers but not Enlisted).
Not sure what No. 3 or 4 is or was, I gather one will be combats?