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Simon Griffiths
19-03-05, 23:03
Firstly, congratulations to Wales on their first Grand Slam since the Stone Age. :p

Secondly, before we spend until the next Ice Age hearing nothing but who won the Grand Slam in 2005 (yes, we know it's you! :eek: ) may I point out that we (England) currently hold the World Cup and have won multiple Grand Slams in the last 10 years. (Just thought I'd mention this as we'll get earache in the coming years as you relish in your glory).

Thirdly, over the last week or so, in the build up to this game, everyone seems to have found some Welsh ancestry (I must admit that for me it is pretty obvious with a name like Griffiths, but I have no idea how far back into history I have to go to find a Welsh relative). These people then stick up Welsh avatars wherever they are and suddenly find a Welsh rugby shirt, when only the week before they were an Englishman with the usual wish for Wales to fall at every hurdle. Now they've won it, I hope we can get back to normality, but I fear there shall be ever more 250-times-removed-Welshmen around for the coming weeks! :D

WALES, WALES, CYMRU (that's how it's spelt, isn't it?)

20-03-05, 00:03
I think we can allow our Celtic cousins their glory, they thoroughly deserve it. The quality of rugby they have performed consistently over the 6 nations competition echoes the standard set by their forebears in the late '70s. And we did lord it a bit over the World Cup.

20-03-05, 01:03
Asa a mightily proud englishman I have to say you are only as good as your last game/championship.

RWC2003 is a wonderful memory, as its grand slam 2003 - buts its 18 month since England acheived much of any significance so credit where credit is due to those that have won the matches and competitions and beaten the challenging teams.

Not that hopefully it'll take long to restore the rose to the top three rankings.... :-)


20-03-05, 01:03
the ball out of contact stuff played by the welsh has had me as a coach ecstatic - its exactly what I aspire for my teams/players to acheive. All credit etc.


Simon Griffiths
20-03-05, 14:03
Posts 2&3 - you mis-interpret me! :o I am extremely happy for the Welsh and believe they thoroughly deserve their Grand Slam, they were by far the best team in the Championship this year. I also agree that the RWC was a long time ago (as were the previous Grand Slams), but it was meant as a return to the humorous exagerration of the Welsh never letting us forget their achievements. :D

Spot on didds. The play by the Welsh was free-flowing and effortless in the backs (and forwards really!), whilst the under-rated forwards certainly fronted up and matched every side they played against. It is as close to the 'Total Rugby' Jim Greenwood advocates as any team has got for many years.

Watching the World Cup 7s this morning on ITV2 and Wales were playing the 15 man game in a similar way to New Zealand in 7s - off-loading if there was an opportunity to so that they could keep their momentum. Pure bliss to watch.

20-03-05, 20:03
Personally, I'm dead chuffed. Some friends of mine were there (lucky buggers!), but I had to content myself with watching on the gogglebox. If I could barely contain myself, my mum (the Welsh connection) tells me that my gran was positively dancing in front of the TV, bless her! It had been long enough, frankly, and I wasn't even born last time Wales won the Grand Slam.

And since it clearly offends Simon that a Welsh rugby supporter could possibly be registered as an English ref, I'll change my avatar back to Cambs. :p

21-03-05, 09:03
Allow me to retort!

yes, Wales played some attractive, but very high risk, free flowing rugby, but in my opinion, looked far from a World Beating side, let's be honest, it was one 50+ metre penalty, or Wales would have lost to England, if France had turned up for the first 10 mins of the second half then they would have beaten Wales, if O'Gara had not let a Prop charge down his kick and give Wales a try that allowed them to gain momentum, then the Ireland game might have been different

I just felt that it was a poor 6 Nations this year, and Wales rode their luck, had the rub of the green and took their chance to win it, it may well be someone elses turn next year

Account Deleted
21-03-05, 11:03
Yes we took our chance to win when:

England are still suffering a terrible post WC hangover and the kind of retirements we suffered in 1978.

France took untill the final game to play for 80 mins.

Ireland were well passed their sell by date and the myth of BOD has finally been blown!

Italy tried and are getting there. However, thev'e a long way to go.

Scotland I'm not sure what to say. They seem in complete disary. The heartland of their rugby has been raped by mismanagement and It is hard to see anything other than a long strugle for then to get back to the top.

What Wales MUST do is build on this year. We have to remember that we are far from the finished article.

We also need Gavin Henson to cut out the stupid mindless acts such as his attempted trip on the Irish try scorer. What would have happened if he had been binned and Humphries had put the penalty over from half way? Also He must learn to tackle legaly and not just drive a shoulder into the man.

For now though we will wallow in self congratulations and a little ribbing of those unfortunate to life on the wrong side of Offa's Dyke!

Dave Pulley
23-03-05, 09:03

Good to see Wales back at the top,brings back memories of the great days of the 60s and 70s.
Be interesting to see how many are in the Lions tour party later in the year.

23-03-05, 10:03
Welcome to the forums Dave.

From a personal point of view, it's great to have Wales at the top again if only to stop the family from banging on at great length about legends who last kicked a ball in anger long before I was born!