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20-03-05, 01:03
Law 5.7 (e) If time expires and the ball is not dead, or an awarded scrum or line-out has not been completed the referee allows play to continue until the next time that the ball becomes dead. If time expires and a mark, free kick or penalty kick is then awarded, the referee allows play to continue.

A scrum is awarded. Then time expires, but you let the scrum go ahead. OK?

The scrum collapses - nobody at fault. You allow the reset. OK?

The scrum wheels >90. You reset and allow the other side to throw-in. OK?

I would answer Yes in all 3 cases. The crucial phrase seems to be "has not been completed". Law 20 gives 3 ways in which a scrum can end (other than by penalty). A collapsing scrum is not one, nor is a wheeling scrum.

20-03-05, 02:03
1) Is definitely yes. Was the only question in the NFC Part II test I got wrong because I misread it! It is also included in 5.7(e)

2) and 3) agree with your reasoning, the scrum has not ended, it has only been reset and thus play continues.

20-03-05, 11:03

The same test was sprung on us at an advisers' meeting, and I made the same (single) mistake.

I don't think that point is at all contentious, though it is not widely known outside refereeing circles, but it is the basis for the other two scenarios.

Simon Griffiths
20-03-05, 14:03
Can't argue with that.

For the second two points I personally agree that the scrum hasn't finished.
You can use logic with Law 20.10 (a):
When the ball comes out of the scrum in any direction except the tunnel, the scrum ends.If the ball coming out of the tunnel isn't the end of a scrum then the others aren't (also they are not listed in law 20.10 - Ending the Scrum). Although I'd have no qualms with blowing up if:

a) We were simply getting no where. Time and time again it was going wrong and everyone was getting fed up.

b) It had been an awful game with players sniping at others around fringes etc. and it gave me a chance to blow up.

As you said, very few have a clue as to the official standing on this Law.