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08-02-07, 12:02
the referee did this ... (speak out of turn) ... was he right?


08-02-07, 13:02
The Irish certainly committed a number of penalties at the tackle/post tackle situation. Many were penalised - but I was surprised that the Yellow Card was not used on a number of them, especialy a couple of glaring examples inside the Irish 22.

But Walsh would have done better to make a mental note to himself and then talk to Ireland - without discussing it with third parties.

08-02-07, 13:02
How many incidents does that Ref have to be involved in before the penny drops and he keeps his gob shut and does his job without upsetting virtually everyone

08-02-07, 17:02
I understand that is is quite common practice for referees to be prepared to discuss matters with coaches on a private, informal basis.

If that is true, then the villain is Nigel Davies, who decided to make capital out of it.

Why is everybody blaming Steve Walsh when we only have Davies' version? Now we have the Irish version. A plague on all their houses.

09-02-07, 09:02
If I am not mistaken Steve Walsh was the TJ NOT the ref, and he was talking to a side that had just been beaten by the the side he was going to ref the next week, and he was saying he would not allow them to "cheat" as much when he reffed them.

How must the referee of the match feel about what Steve thought of his refereeing

09-02-07, 12:02
QE2wgc - you are quoting Nigel Davies, not Steve Walsh. That was my point.

I feel fairly sure referees and TJs chat about what happened in matches. In fact the TJ will be calling in persistent offences if he thinks the referee has not seen them.

I did not specify Steve Walsh's roles.

Wert Twacky
09-02-07, 12:02
I agree with OB.

Steve Walsh has previous and is a tasty target for media hacks. He has also gone on record as stating the facts about the incident as reported are incorrect.
Him and Kelvin Deaker are good mates, I doubt Kelvin Deaker cared a toss about what was alledgedly said in the media.
The point is if, as I expect, Steve Walsh said something to the Welsh, it was not as blatant as what was reported - let's face it, something was taken out of turn and spun because of who he is.
The lesson here is that someone in the IRB maybe should give Mr W some media training, but saying that, it is refreshing to have someone who isn't frightened of saying/doing things that are that little bit different.
Makes life interesting!

09-02-07, 18:02
Sad that any Referee should comment about any team at any level he's going to take to the field with. If his alleged comment about dealing with Ireland are true, it would not I think be unreasonable for him to stand down. 'Backtracking' does not excuse an apparent initial inability to appear to be unbiased.

Account Deleted
22-02-07, 10:02
I guess Walsh was a little "silly" but that Nigel Davies stretched the point to make capital. Just made us look worse losers!