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29-03-05, 09:03
We all know that a flying wedge is illegal in Rugby. Law 10.4 (n) defines a flying wedge for us.

As I understand it the FW was made illegal for safety reasons.

So what is the difference between a flying wedge as defined in the above law (ie after a PK or FK) and two players binding together in open play?
If we look at Law rulings 6 and 3 (2003) We have the following ruling:

Whilst a maul is considered to be built by the ball carrier, one or more opponents and one ore more of the ball carriers team mates, it does not have to have any of the three player components joining in any specific order.

So In a line out I could bind to my own teams reciever and we could drive for the line as a quasi flying wedge untill an opponents either tackles me (in accordence with the rulings refered to) or binds on thus forming a maul. What is the difference between 2 players binding on as I describe and the formation out-lawed in 10.4 (n).

29-03-05, 14:03
IMHO the difference is momentum. At a lineout, it is hard to tell in precisely which order players joined the maul, and they have essentially no momentum, so there is no danger.

At a penalty it is clear that the attackers have not only joined together first, but have also built up a head of steam before contact is made. That is dangerous.

If the lineout maul turns into the second scenario, that is the time to stop it (or just before :) )