View Full Version : Powergen Cup Final

Simon Griffiths
16-04-05, 21:04
Well. That was an unexpected result! Congratulations to Leeds though, it was, I gather, thoroughly deserved!

Leeds 20 :eek: 12 Bath

Being from Gloucester it was somewhat of a joyous occasion, and one person I was supposed to be refereeing today was at Twickers supporting Bath (who were in his words going to 'thrash Leeds') - he'll never here the end of this! :D

17-04-05, 13:04
I was at Twickenham for the cup final, and was very pleased with the outcome. An intercept try early on threatened to make a nonsense of matters, but fortunately my team rallied well. However it was only right at the end, with the teams having scored one try each, that our kicker finally nailed a crucial penalty (having missed 3) to secure a point win for the more deserving team: Bedford 14, Plymouth Albion 13.

On the undercard, Leeds beat Bath by pure defence, aided by another intercept try and a neat chip-and-catch try.

18-04-05, 18:04
Be good if Leeds could stay up and go into europe next season, I believe they loose out if they go down. :(
As long as it's not at the expense of Saints though there I've said it, now I'm expecting some flak :D .