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21-04-05, 15:04
I have just got back from a tour to Biarritz which was waz and a great place to visit. whilst over there we played a local village side U.S Saultoise who for a small village had a ground to die for. Being a typical Gloucester side we hoped to play to our game plan up front,rucking. We got out on the pitch with not one French speaking amoung us, the Referee was Spanish and i can only speak German. The referee then found a person who spoke English from the French side who told us that over in France at there level of rugby they do not push in the scrum,do not ruck and we do this so as to allow for a much friendly type of game. we lost but what a great game we had and the after match event was out of the world free food wine and whisky. We drank them dry of beer 3 times they sent out for more and the whole village came along. I would hope we left this team with a great view of what rugby is like in England and if given the chance hope to go there again next year.
As for Biarritz what a place for a English Rugby team to visit food was out of this world and the 4 days 3 nights were great,but the tour company we went with can only be classed as SH*T they are from Stroud and they messed us up big style as the team we played has arranged a big reception at the village center with brass band food and the village mayor paid for every thing but this tour company forgot to tell us. So do not go with any tour company from Stroud in Gloucestershire. Apart from that great time and being a ex-prop a easy game

Simon Griffiths
21-04-05, 16:04
Glad you had a great time. Sadly I missed my teams tour to Amsterdam at February (damn skiing got in the way!). But apparantly there was drinking (to excess of course) and more drinking...

The team were supposed to play the Netherlands U18 side, but the ground was flooded. They won the other two games comfortably and had a great time all round. (A few inadvertantly found themselves in the areas that the Dutch are famous for :eek: , apparantly quite humourous when they realised! :D )

30-06-05, 21:06
Hi, I can definately reccomend trips to France! Playing in Jersey it is our closest/ cheapest tour choice. It sounds like you missed the pre tour reception - hosted by the 2nd team!! I have yet to meet a player on the pitch next day who was at the party the previous night. I see you can now fly to Rennes from Southampton; a very socialable bunch with teams from U7 to good senior to vets- all of whom have different laws!!