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15-03-07, 03:03
The question is with respect to replacing a front row player that has been temporally suspended. The capt elects to bring on a replacment front row at the next scrum. The answers revolve about what should the referee ask of the captain. The correct answer is (a) the captain must elect one player to leave the field to bring on the replacement

The answer provides law 3.13(a), which refers to a situation when no front is available and the scrums must then be uncontested.

The correct law should be the following one 3.13(b) which outlines the correct answer.

The provided law should also give 3.13 (c), which covers what to do after the suspension is complete. Just a thought.

Hope it helps-

Robert Burns
15-03-07, 12:03
Have to look it up when I get home unless you can quote all three laws here for us please.

15-03-07, 13:03
(a) If after a front row player has been sent off or during the time a front row
player is temporarily suspended, and there are no further front row
players available from the nominated team, then uncontested scrums will
be ordered. It is not the responsibility of the referee to determine the
suitability of trained front row replacements nor their availability, as this
is a team responsibility.
(b) After a front row player is sent off or during the time a front row player is
temporarily suspended the referee, upon awarding the next scrum, will
ask that playerís captain whether or not the team has another player on
the field of play who is suitably trained to play in the front row. If not, the
captain chooses any player from that team who then must leave the field
of play and be replaced by a suitably trained front row player from the
teamís replacements. The captain may do this immediately prior to the
next scrum or after another player has been tried in the front row.
(c) When a period of temporary suspension ends and a front row player
returns to the field of play, the replacement front row player leaves the
field of play and the nominated player who left the field of play for the
period of the suspension may resume playing in the match.

We also need to know the exact wording of the question. The quiz was constructed by taking a bit of the law and making up a question about it, so it does not always take other points into account.