View Full Version : Matches of no league consequence

Mike Whittaker
24-04-05, 08:04
At this time of the year it is not uncommon for the final league matches to be played where the result is of no league consequence to one or both sides.

The latter can of course result in some good 'friendlies' (is there such a thing nowadays other than at the lowest levels?) but the former can be somewhat different.

What is the incentive for an all ready relegated team (some already gone on holidays or shopping with the missus) against one which is striving for points difference in a promotion race.

Am sure such a situation would not influence a referee in how he handles the match as the score rapidly heads for three figures...... or would it?

Any interesting or amusing thoughts?

24-04-05, 09:04
Possibly not quite the reply that was asked for (I should be a politician!) but I have long advocated - at least at "junior levels" - a 50 point no-side. that bis to say, once the points margin has reached 50 or more then the referee blows time. There would be a couple of cavetas or so... in that at least 50 minutes had been played (so a huge wind wasn't the reason for 50 points being conceded before having the chance to show that the losing team had an opportunity to also benefit etc); that any such results merely get shown as a 50 point winning margin for points fotr and against purposes... and that as a result no-shows/walkovers can be awarded the 50 point margin ... at present the "winners" in a walkover get no points scored which could potentially damage promotion/relegation chances through no fault of their own.

At a 50 point margin the winning team has shown superiority; it has had the chance to try everything it needs to; and the dignity of the losing side is kept reasomnably high.
The club I coached last season won two matches by over 100 points ... the second halves were ... well... pointless (biur far from point less!) afairs as we got the ball .. and scored.. time ater time.