View Full Version : How do you get your whistle to sound like a pro

26-04-05, 11:04
I've been refing for a bit over a year now and have nearly mastered everything :rolleyes: but not yet the wistle to an extent, I recently got an acme thunderer which is much better than what I had, I can tounge tip which is what I have always done, but it still does nt sound half as good. Whats the trick?

26-04-05, 12:04
Plenty of practice. I was told when I started reffing that someone with their back to the pitch should be able to tell what my decision was (touch, scrum, penalty, try, etc.) just from the tone of my whistle, which should escalate in volume and agression as in line with the severity of the decision ie., penalties louder than scrums, etc.

Get used to your whistle, avoid changing whistles unnecessarily and practice in non-match situations. It will come.

26-04-05, 18:04
There are many different types of Acme Thunderers, the most versatile is the larger one, the 58 (brass with chrome finish) which has a square i.e. non tapered end. This one gives you more scope with respect to tone etc.

10-05-05, 21:05
I agree with Deeps in that my large sized Thunderer has given sterling service in all weathers. What I would not advocate is to use the 2-tone whistle that seems to be endemic in the southern hemisphere amongst the elite referees, and is slowly spreading into our game with a clutch of visitors to these shores.

10-05-05, 22:05
I am currelty trying to procure the Acme Thunderer 58. I've seen on websites in the US, but with S&H (or P&P across the Pond) it would be over $30 CDN (roughly 13.50 in Pounds Sterling) not to mention customs fees that my wonderful government would assess as being around the cost of a small car.

It's a real pain, as all the "soccer" whistles are high pitched Fox 40s, and the only other Acmes I can find are the ones for Ice Hockey, which are the tapered 58 1/2 with the cushion grip. I'm really trying to get one on a laniard as you can get better whistle tone variation with your fingers.

There's a really good RFU post about whistles that's worth having a look at.

Still looking...
PS: Boy, that 58 sure looks like the Mother of all whistles...