View Full Version : Rugby on TV - North America

27-04-05, 13:04
This will be applicable only to North American referees, and possibly only USA...

After the royal screwing that we got from Fox Sports World (now Fox Soccer Channel), the cavalry has arrived in the form of Setanta.

www.setanta.com details what offering sthey have via Directtv for only $12 a month. Given that it gives access to the Lions, 6 Nations, Heineken Cup, Supe 12 amongst others, it looks like a great deal.

Mr Murdoch? You can stick your Fox channels where the sun doesn't shine.

Robert Burns
27-04-05, 15:04
I dunno, I have Setanta for Celtic and it's crap, wouldn't get them again unless it was free.

27-04-05, 15:04
At the minute, rugby coverage is 1 Super 12 game, at 2AM Tuesday morning.
Anything has to be better than that!
And at less than a $ a day.....

Robert Burns
27-04-05, 16:04
True, I suppose it because I'm spoilt with choice over here!

27-04-05, 16:04
Thanks for not rubbing that in our faces.
Much. ;)

Mat 04
27-04-05, 17:04
I stilldont getto see games i want to watch, id rather watch some of the top referees i know do other games, I live in wales, if there is a welsh game on (e.g Scarlets V Glasgow) they wont show u the other one such as (Edinburgh V Munster) anywhere. :(

14-07-05, 14:07
I have to say I've been delighted with Setanta USA. What an excellent channel. More rugby than you can shake a stick at!

I just set my TiVo to record all rugby, so I've always got a new match to watch, lots of them each week.