View Full Version : League V Union Challenge

Robert Burns
03-12-03, 13:12
When Union officially become professional the wall between the the codes was lifted.

Two games was played between the two codes top teams, one in League, one in Union.

Should this become a regular fixture? I personally found it to be a very interesting fixture.

What do you think?

27-01-04, 16:01
IMO - No. Its of wallpaper attraction really... doesn't p[rove much (except RL players can't play union w/out lots of trainininf and ubnion platyers can't play league w/out lots of training.

In a season where the players already play far too much rugby as it is, a good deal of it purely for the RFU and others pockets (Eng v Barbarians, ZP play offs, Sanyo world challenge thing etc etc etc), yet another match for a match's sake is IMO pointless and too much.