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10-05-05, 10:05
I'm just wondering about some signals that arnt listed by the irb that are commonly used?

10-05-05, 10:05
Like which ones exactly?

10-05-05, 14:05
hmmm let's think about this:

Lots of times when referees say "play-on" they also extend both arms out to their side and sometimes slightly raised up (imagine a "hold-up" at a bank with your arms at 45 degrees from parallel with the ground). I don't think I've ever seen that in the Law book.

Looking at the 2005 Lawbook, some refs don't like picture #25 (handling ball in a ruck or scrum) and will therefore not bend over like they're about to take an illicit dump on the filed of play as in the picture and will just make a circular sweeping movement with their arm imitating a player palming a ball back towards him team.

On that note, compare pciture #36 (Off-side under 10 metre Law) and #44 (doctor needed). The only difference is how high you raise your hands and whether your fingers are spread out or not- surely the IRB can think of a better sign for the doctor than this one. My preference is to shout "Doctor!" and wave my arm over.

The other day I gave a penalty for a dangerous tackle (NOT high, just dangerous) as the tackler made no attempt to bind round the player and instead just shoulder-checked him to the ground. I was wondering what the signal would be for that?


10-05-05, 14:05
I've given one of those, and was pleased to see that Nigel Williams gave the same signal as I did during the Welsh Cup Final on Saturday

now, how to describe it! it's basically an imitiation of what the offending player did, sort of bending your shoulder downwards (does that make sense?!)

Robert Burns
10-05-05, 16:05
Also when top refs penalise for ruck offences they make a scrum shape in front of their chect to state that a ruck was formed.

10-05-05, 17:05

I see our level 5 refs do a t shape with their hands to show ran into own player. This should be signalled offside and them a scrum to show it is accidental.