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Robert Burns
10-05-05, 16:05
So what do you think of the team?

Personally, I don't think Wilkinson should go, he's not had any real play since the world cup, he's going to be a bit rusty.

I also think Harry Ellis should be there in place of Matt Dawson, although I am not Ellis' bigest fan, I appreciate the talent that the wee guy has.

10-05-05, 17:05
I have been very impressed with what I have seen of Wilkinson so far. In the past he showed that he still has another couple of gears. I think we lose nothing by seeing if he can step up to his former level - if not, Stephen Jones should do well enough.

I think Harry Ellis failed to take his opportunity in the 6N. Either he is not yet ready, or he is another Leicester player (remember Cusworth?) who is great at club level but not fully effective at international level.

10-05-05, 18:05
Agree about Ellis...needs a bit more exposure before going into the Lions den (ahem).

I think Jonny has to be worthwhile having on the tour. I'm not deceived by a one-off jink through a few Gloucester forwards in one match as an indication of his preparedness; but the man has been there, done that, and his experience alone has to be an aset to the squad.

I'm still confused on the inclusion of Will Greenwood, even though I am a fan of next season's National One winners....

Simon Griffiths
10-05-05, 20:05
I'm afraid to say that Ellis will never cut it at international level. I said his inclusion in the England squad was ridiculous at the time, and I feel that I have been proved correct.
He is far to ill-disciplined (something that can't be tought) in both stupidity and the way he plays the game. The number of times he has taken ridiculous risks just so that he is the man in the spotlight (let's remember his try against Bath at Welford Road, if he'd given it to a forward - the preceding ruck was on the try line for crying out loud - Leicester would have won that game, as it was they drew, and 1mm further across they would have lost). His actions are hairy at best in club games, they would cost games at international level. Then there is his stupidity/discipline - he was extremely lucky not to be sent-off (red) against Biarritz for two extremely stupid and extremely un-necessary incidents (one half a century after the whistle was blown!).

Not that I'm a fan of Dawson either - neither should go, but then I wouldn't want Stringer going either... (Peel, Cooper and Gommarsall will do me).

As far a Wilkinson goes, I have no particular opinion either way. He's looked OK since he made come-back #998 so I have no problem with him going as such, we know that he can be a class act.