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Robert Burns
22-05-05, 21:05
I didn't see the ZP Final, but here was the question:
Could anyone tell me where, in Law, it states that if a side kicks (other than a kick at goal) and the ball goes into touch-in-goal then a line-out is awarded to the other side in line with where the ball was kicked?

I'm asking you lot as I don't have the email addresses of either the ref of the above game (Chris White) or the relevant touch judge (Peter Huckle).

Anyone shed some light?

23-05-05, 05:05
As far as I'm aware it's either a 22m restart or a scrum from where the ball was kicked.

23-05-05, 06:05
Although I did not see the Zurich Premiership final myself (who in Australia is going to get up at 11:55pm on a Sunday evening to watch 2 French Club teams?!), there is nowhere in the law book that gives the provision for a lineout when the ball is directly kicked touch-in-goal. If this is what happened in the ZP final, then it is a major blunder. Both officials concerned should be grateful it wouldnt have made that much difference to the final result.

Robert Burns
23-05-05, 07:05
ahem....Zurich Premiership final, not Heineken Cup, lol.

No worries though, Wondered if anyone saw it and understood why it was given as such?