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Horace Basilio
27-04-07, 14:04
Can be asked a MARK from a FREE KICK or a PENAL?


27-04-07, 14:04
Yes. Neither is classed as a restart kick.

Robert Burns
27-04-07, 15:04

Welcome to the forums, Nice to see some of our Argentinian Referees on here.

Might be seeing you in the Four Nations soon (As is the presure by the IRB on SANZAR).

27-04-07, 15:04
Yes they can.
I made that mistake once and told the player after he screamed for the mark to play on. He then beat 3 or 4 players and made about 40 yards.
I think as I sounded confident, I got away with it as no-one questioned it and everybody was happy.
A doubt then crept in and I checked the relevant law, found I was wrong and learnt something new. Again.
Havent been back to the club since,so dont know if i have been found out. They have probably forgotten anyway. I hope!:)

27-04-07, 16:04
Hola Horace, y bienvenido a los foros!

Que buena pregunta! Es una tema que hemos discutido aquí en el pasado, y hemos alcanzado un acuerdo que es permitido. En general, si las Leyes no prohiben un acto, el acto es permitido. No hay una excepción explícita en la Ley 18 prohibiendo un Mark después un penal o free kick (tampoco en la Ley 21), pues en mi opinión, debe que ser permitido.

Pero a veces, convenciendo a los jugadores que se tiene razón puede ser difícil...

Robert Burns
27-04-07, 16:04
Shouldn't punctuation such as exclamation marks and questions marks be at the front and end of the sentance? white the front one being upside down?

¿Tengo razón yo?

And for those wondering what he said, it's this:

Hello Horace, and welcome to the forums!
That is a good question! It is a law that have discussed here in the past, and we have reached an agreement that is permitted. In general, if the Laws do not prohibit an act, the act is permitted. There is not an explicit exception in the Law 18 prohibiting a Mark after a penalty or free kick (neither in Law 21), therefore in my opinion, it is to be permitted.
But at times, convincing the players that it is right he can be difficult...

Horace Basilio
27-04-07, 21:04
Thanks to all by its answers.
I expect to be able to collaborate in the future.

Nice to meet them.