View Full Version : new way to call a try...

16-05-07, 17:05
I guess we will have a caption contest... fire away everyone

I forgot to mention, that is the ref.

16-05-07, 17:05
Percy took a little too long on his pre-game stretch that week...

Robert Burns
16-05-07, 19:05
This is what your studs should be like guys! guys?........guys?


The Australian Referees were not very effective in the Northern hemisphere.

Chris Picard
16-05-07, 19:05
Oops I did it again!

16-05-07, 20:05
"Having avoided punishment in 2005, Umaga and Mealamu formed a spear tackling Ninja squad, sneaking up on unsuspecting players in matches all over the world"

16-05-07, 20:05
Catch him, Charlie Brown!

16-05-07, 21:05
After all the fuss, Steve needed to know if he really was a blow hard.

while not wining a game all season, the Cirque du Soleil rugby team certainly wont our hearts.

17-05-07, 09:05
Hey Guys

You can't argue about the grounding I have the best view!

17-05-07, 11:05
Who shouted "dead ants"?

23-05-07, 04:05
Uhhh... did you guys see my whistle??? :chin:

23-05-07, 15:05
I must be persona non grata round here :confused:

I get a "you do not have sufficient privileges" message

Robert Burns
24-05-07, 15:05
I'll look into that for you.

Robert Burns
24-05-07, 16:05
Should be sorted now.

tim White
25-05-07, 16:05
Now THATS what I call a sidestep!:clap:

27-05-07, 11:05
Should be sorted now.


Thank you.

27-05-07, 15:05
Haha.....great lines guys, thanks for the one about the Aussie refs too; much appreciated. In all seriousness was that referee okay?

Robert Burns
27-05-07, 17:05
Should we now have captions seconded for nomination to be voted on to find the best?

29-05-07, 23:05
Sounds like we need a poll setup!

Robert Burns
30-05-07, 09:05
To many options for a poll, If we can wittle it down to the 10 best.

Perfect use for the multi-quote function.

30-05-07, 16:05
Come on guys which one of you tied my laces together?!!!

30-05-07, 19:05
"If you must know, it's because I learnt to referee in Australia."