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15-06-05, 11:06
After a mini-revival to turn in a half-decent performance in their victory over Wellington, the Lions head south to the House of Pain. How will they fare?

Place predictions here...

Robert Burns
15-06-05, 11:06
Lions by 18

15-06-05, 12:06
Lions by 14

15-06-05, 18:06
lions by.... 17


15-06-05, 20:06
i have come to this score after 9 bottles of Becks and bottle of gloucester larger.

16-06-05, 09:06
Lions by 11

16-06-05, 09:06
In for a p, in for a . Lions by 19.

16-06-05, 11:06
The team for Saturday is as follows:
15 Geordan MURPHY (Leicester Tigers, Ireland)
14 Denis HICKIE (Leinster, Ireland)
13 Will GREENWOOD (NEC Harlequins, England) VICE CAPTAIN
12 Gordan D’ARCY (Leinster, Ireland)
11 Shane WILLIAMS (Ospreys, Wales)
10 Charlie HODGSON (Sale Sharks, England)
9 Chris CUSITER (Borders, Scotland)

1 Graham ROWNTREE (Leicester Tigers, England)
2 Gordon BULLOCH (Glasgow, Scotland) CAPTAIN
3 Matt STEVENS (Bath, England)
4 Simon SHAW (London Wasps, England)
5 Donncha O’CALLAGHAN (Munster, Ireland)
6 Lewis MOODY (Leicester Tigers, England)
7 Martyn WILLIAMS (Blues, Wales)
8 Ryan JONES (Ospreys, Wales)

16 Steve THOMPSON (Northampton Saints, England)
17 Andy SHERIDAN (Sale Sharks, England)
18 Danny GREWCOCK (Bath, England)
19 Simon EASTERBY (Llanelli, Ireland)
20 Matt DAWSON (London Wasps, England)
21 Ollie SMITH (Leicester Tigers, England)
22 Ronan O’GARA (Munster, Ireland)

16-06-05, 11:06
Loins by 15

16-06-05, 12:06
Lions by ..........24

16-06-05, 14:06
Too few Welshmen - draw!

16-06-05, 14:06
Otago team:

15. Glen Horton
14. Hayden Pedersen
13. Neil Brew
12. Seilala Mapusua
11. Matt Saunders
10. Nick Evans
9. Danny Lee

1. Carl Hoeft
2. Jason Macdonald
3. Craig Dunlea
4. Filipo Levi
5. Tom Donnelly
6. Craig Newby (c)
7. Josh Blackie
8. Grant Webb


16. Jed Vercoe
17. Jeremy Aldworth
18. Andrew McClintock
19. Alando Soakai
20. Chris Smylie
21. Ryan Bambry
22. Jason Shoemark

Simon Thomas
16-06-05, 15:06
Lions by 20

Simon Griffiths
16-06-05, 21:06
Lions by ...

(I'm getting more optimistic!)

17-06-05, 16:06
Lions by 12
I'll be in Cincinnati from Sunday-Sunday so I'll have to get my predictions for the next two matches by Saturday.

Simon Griffiths
17-06-05, 17:06
Will you be able to watch the Churchill Cup in Cinc? Important question - I can't wait for it.

17-06-05, 21:06
Will you be able to watch the Churchill Cup in Cinc? Important question - I can't wait for it.

Oh the irony! The Churchill Cup is not on TV in Canada. The only way to watch it is to pay US $35 for both weekends and download the matches, which there's no way I'll be doing. I prefer downloading the Lions matches for free from torrentspy.com

I can watch Canada v. Argentina on July 2nd, if I'm back in time from the World Policeman and Fireman Games in Quebec City where I'll be refereeing the 7s rugby there.

I'm also set to be in Jasper, AB for a few days when I'm out in Calgary for July. Simon, as the expert traveller in the Canadian Rockies, any suggestions about stuff in Jasper in the summer? If you've not been, any general ideas on what to do in 3 days in the Rockies?

(Stay tuned for Lions Predictions for this week)

17-06-05, 22:06
Lions by 8

18-06-05, 01:06
Almost forgot!

Linos by 15.

Robert Burns
18-06-05, 09:06
Lions win by 11.

Good Game!

18-06-05, 15:06
My trip to Cincinnati will be the death of me in this competition, but oh well. If I get a spare nanosecond I may "update" these predictions, but I'll do it in a new post so it doesn't look like I'm cheating- the Admins could probably tell anyways...

Lions v. Southland: Lions by 14
Lions v. All Blacks (1st Test): All Blacks by 8

I hope I'm wrong about the 2nd one. If I update later on this week, I suspect the winning margin may increase!

Good luck to all.

20-06-05, 09:06
Summary of predictions:

Rob Lions by 18
Tim by 14
Didds by 17
Hanson by 21
Gaz by 11
Pablo by 19
Phil by 15
Smiffy by 24
Alan - draw
Simon T by 20
Noddy by 17
Bryan by 12
Wayne by 8
Peter by 15

20-06-05, 09:06
Lions win by 11, so scores are:

Rob 7
Tim 3
Didds 6
Hanson 10
Gaz EXACT -5
Pablo 8
Phil 4
Smiffy 13
Alan 16
Simon T 9
Noddy 6
Bryan 1
Wayne 3
Peter 4