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08-06-07, 20:06
Question Reference Number: 337
A line-out is awarded to Blue. The throw-in is long and will pass the 15-meter line. Blue #11 runs forward from Blue's off-side line to take the ball. Gold #12 runs forward as well. What do you do?
The correct answer is: A.
19.10 : At a line-out, if the player who is throwing-in throws the ball beyond the 15-meter line, a player of the same team may run forward to take the ball. If that player does so, an opponent may also run forward. The penalty is a penalty kick on the offending team's off-side line, opposite the place of inringement, but not less than fifteen meters from the touch-line.

my question concerns the last sentence there. this law appears to say what IS allowed (a player running forward to take the ball when overthrown in a line-out). so then, under what conditions is the penalty kick awarded? what is the offense?

edit: In the question, the answer (A) was not to award a penalty, but to play on.

08-06-07, 21:06
Timing of the run.
And if the ball doesn't get overthrown but caught before going over the 15m line.

09-06-07, 00:06
The answer merely quotes Exception 1 in 19.10. You need to look at the whole paragraph.

tim White
14-06-07, 15:06
Also a trick question hiding in there. The Gold back player can only run forward if the thrower's team does as well.