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steve wagstaff
17-06-07, 19:06
I was coaching a group of under 10s on Saturday and we had a kicking contest after the session.

I was explaining penalty kicks...and then that question...why can,t I punt it over?

Because....you can,t was my answer...but it got me thinking where in the laws does it say you can,t?

I checked the book...no where to be seen.

I brought this up on a refs course this evening with much referring to the good book...any comments?!!!!

18-06-07, 01:06
That's worrying.
Check "Definitions - Goal" as that details the circumstances in which a kick at goal may be scored

Dickie E
18-06-07, 03:06
... and read that in conjunction with Law 9.A.1. In a convoluted manner it seems to get there in the end.

18-06-07, 14:06
9A1 indeed. A goal is scored either from a place kick or drop kick

Emmet Murphy
18-06-07, 19:06
Guys - My law book doesn't say that!


"Penalty Goal. A player scores a penalty goal by kicking a goal from a penalty kick" ... that's it!

Interestingly, in the paragraph above it - Conversion Goal - it states: "...a conversion kick can be a place kick or a drop-kick" but 'Penalty Goal' contains no such stipulation.

I had a look elsewhere in the lawbook:

21.3a states "Any player may take a penalty or free kick awarded for an infringement with any type of kick: punt, drop-kick or place kick"

21.5d tells us a player can drop-kick a penalty goal without informing the referee that he intends to kick for goal;

21.5f tells us the kicker may place the ball on the ground or on sand, sawdust or a kicking tee approved by the union;

I can't find anywhere which specifically states that a Penalty Goal can only be scored by a drop-kick or a place kick.

18-06-07, 19:06
Definitions states that a goal may only be scored from a place kick or a drop kick.

A penalty goal is still a goal.

Emmet Murphy
18-06-07, 20:06
Well spotted there Simon - I hadn't seen that!

steve wagstaff
18-06-07, 20:06
:) :) :)
Thanks ...I will pose the next question after the competition on Saturday, which will no doubt throw up the unusual queries.
As with all regulations,plans and proceedures it always comes under the best scrutiny when viewed and questioned through the eyes of a 9 year old.
IRB, RFU and Premier clubs take note!!!!