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01-07-07, 00:07
I would always like to think that I have always TRIED to be objective in my thinking - about anything. Even something I believe in as passionately as rugby (and I am PASSIONATE about it lest it be of any DISPUTE! :-)

I also understand that like anyone I may be at times subjective in my thinking - and also understand that as such sometimes whilst I may FEEL I am objective I am subconsciously actually being subjective.

As I have stated before my reason for becoming involved in referees forums - as a COACH - is to better understand the remit of referees, to promulgate the perception of of coaches and players to referees and as a personal point to better the understanding of "both sides". I honestly try not to just push soapboxes but to LEARN and SHARE. I have come long way - maybe further than I have managed to have taken YOU all, because I started from a farther distance from you than you than I, maybe for many obvious reasons given we all probably PLAYED at some time at least.

I think we are getting there between us, but I do wish to especially thank one of our brethren. A couple of years ago we didn't agree on some things, but a recent discussion elsewhere has proved to me (though I have now long suspected it) that we are not a million miles apart on what we expect to see on a rugby field - or indeed what we we want to see on a rugby field.

This individual has for a long time always demonstrated an understanding of human nature, and a fundamental understanding of BASE PRINCIPLES of the laws ( the mathematician in me has always enjoyed/appreciated this!), allied to a fundamental application of the concept of basic equity.

I just wanted to say - thank you. Not because that person agrees with me - we still have differences.. occasionally - but because above all... well... from an entirely subjective viewpoint naturally - they speak such blatant honesty, realism and .. UNDERSTANDING. That is not to say any other member of this forum doesn't of course, but this one individual speaks more sense than many it seems to me. Especially on more... public... forums.

And when he doesn't? Well... I guess its just an Odd aBeration!