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Robert Burns
03-07-05, 20:07
I have compiled the info together as I progress the site side further.

Can you all check your areas and make sure it's all correct.

Also please let me know if you see any spelling mistakes, it's highly possible after playing with HTML all day.

Link is: http://www.rugbyrefs.com/clubs/england.php


04-07-05, 00:07
I like the idea of "Bucks and Oxen" playing rugby, but I think you mean "Oxon"

Otherwise, The South West looks OK to me.

04-07-05, 00:07
Modlands 5 West (North) seems a new one on me! Especially as Midlands 5 (West) appears at the level above. Think you might want Midlands 6 West (North) there.

Apart from that, only a slightly pedantic change that it should be East. Counties, as it is Eastern Counties in full.

Robert Burns
04-07-05, 09:07
Thanks for those, i'll change them tonight. Thats what happens when you code till 3am!

All cool then!

Boxes will link to am page that will show all teams in the leagues shown (good eh), hopefully by the end of next week!

Now, PHIL!!!!!!! (and everyone else not ref'ing in England)

Where can I get a list for your countries and the levels so I can do a similar job.

Robert Burns
06-07-05, 15:07
League pages will be done once I get the full RFU club list, if anyone gets this before me, could they email me a version please.

Simon Thomas
06-07-05, 17:07

A similar job has been done for last few seasons by Steve Uglow (steve@uglow.co.uk at Canterbury RFC at http://www.cantrugby.co.uk/Clubsnet/clubs.htm,
who has all Clubs and Society Web addys.

Robert Burns
06-07-05, 22:07
Thats great, the more we have the better the games gets promoted.

I look forward to comparing (and hopefully matching) his site when it's updated for the current season (gather he's waiting for the list too).

Robert Burns
06-07-05, 22:07
page updated, hopefully faultless now.

Robert Burns
11-07-05, 23:07
Getting there slowly.

Natioanl leagues are now done, click on the league for the list of teams, hopefully i'll have England done by the season start, then head onto the USA leagues (headache time)

Feel free to check them over at www.rugbyrefs.com/clubs (http://www.rugbyrefs.com/clubs)

currently england is the only selectable country.

Robert Burns
11-07-05, 23:07
Can't wait for this damn list to come out, it'll save me trawling through the league fixtures.