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Robert Burns
04-07-05, 15:07
Could you do me a favour please and tell me the league structure in NZ, so I can compile a NZ version of this English leagues page.

www.rugbyrefs.com/clubs/england.php (http://www.rugbyrefs.com/clubs/england.php)

Thanks guys.

Please make use of this, it's all for you guys and admins are the only non NZ people that can see it.

13-07-05, 03:07
Hi Robert

Do you mean League as in "competition" or do you mean League as in the 13 player code?

13-07-05, 09:07
Ian - I think you will find that it is the 'competition' definition of league that Robert is seeking. It is to get an idea of the structure of the competition set up.

Robert Burns
13-07-05, 11:07
Yep, as in the competition Leagues, not Rugby League, lol.

Any direction and help you could give would be appreciated.

13-07-05, 22:07
I have sent you a private message on this

Robert Burns
13-07-05, 22:07
I havn't got a PM, can you send it again?

or email to robert@burns.net

Robert Burns
13-07-05, 23:07
Got your email and responded