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Robert Burns
04-07-05, 15:07
Could you do me a favour please and tell me the league structure in US, so I can compile a US version of this English leagues page.

www.rugbyrefs.com/clubs/england.php (http://www.rugbyrefs.com/clubs/england.php)

Thanks guys.

Please make use of this, it's all for you guys and admins are the only non US people that can see it.

05-07-05, 13:07
Ahhhh, simple:

There are three Divisions in regular season: 1, 2, 3.
All are broken down by Local Area Unions, who are members of a Territory.
At the end of the regular season, the LAU seeds advance in knock out play to Territory championships; depending on how they do there, they move forward on a knock out basis to Nationals.
Same premise for women and colleges.
There is also the Super League in the Spring season, which has two "conferences" and a season structured much as the NFL one.

Example: James River are currently a Virginia Div 3 club; they get seeded at the end of the season, and go into the play offs against one of the other teams from our Territory (Mid Atlantic - Virginia, Potomac and East Penn). If they win that, they go to the Terr finals for the Semi finals and Finals. If they win there, they are through to the National Sweet 16; a win and then the Elite 8; a win, and the Final Four.

There is no such thing as a League champion - everything is decided by knock out play.

Clear, eh!

Robert Burns
06-07-05, 12:07

fair enough, lol.

So teams play in the same league every season, and then qualify for these knock-out tournaments.


06-07-05, 13:07
Pretty much.
From what I see, there isn't a lot of movement up and down. I'm not calling it a league is right, as there is no promotion or relegation as we would understand it.

It's perfectly conceivable to have a Div 3 outfit being lots better than a Div 2 outfit.

Robert Burns
06-07-05, 13:07
Ok, thats fair enough then.

10-07-05, 15:07
Texas has challenge matches at the end ofevery year for promotion and religation.The last place team in each Div plays the first place team of the next Div.down.Exp:last place Div.1 v First place Div.2.

Robert Burns
10-07-05, 21:07
So does each state use a different system?

11-07-05, 04:07
It is not the states, but Territorial Unions like Texas,Eastern Rockies,Heart of America and so on.It would be to easy if everyone did things the same

Robert Burns
11-07-05, 10:07
Any chance of one of you knowledgable people listing all the US unions for me please? or pointing me at a website that does?

Thanks, appreciated

11-07-05, 13:07
USa rugby home page: http://www.usarugby.org/

Go to "About...", then "Territorial Unions" - that lists all the TUs, which then links to the member LAUs.