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15-07-05, 07:07
Much was said about the expected "interpretation" issues and the Lions being "pinged" out of the series.
Well I guess we can safely conclude that the Lions were clearly second best to the All Blacks but; What do we all think about the quality of the referees during the tour?
I certainly feel they got things wrong, who doesn't, but I don't think they were out and out bad.

15-07-05, 13:07
I thought Jon Kaplan was Ok/good.

I thought scrum management was an embarassment.
I thought Steve Walsh is losing it; that the mid week referees left a lot to be desired; that the referee for the second test did not referee to the level of the game....

I was disillusioned with the standard

15-07-05, 14:07
I thought the interpetation of the rucks was interesting. They seemed to allow a lot of hands in the rucks, and were not consistent about people killing the ball.

Kaplan was good I thought, I liked that he didn't take any crap from the players!

15-07-05, 16:07
Would the referees find these comments helpful? Probably not. So who is going to post a filled-in one of the normal low-level forms, designed to help the referee improve?!

18-07-05, 13:07
Great idea.
I don't have a Liions game on video, but I should have Australia/S AFrica by tomorrow morning. See what I can do...

WRT the scrummage, the fact that 75 - 80% had to be redone just screams that there was a management problem. If I had been advising....
There was little (if any) attention paid to the engage call; the referee frankly became adjunct to the process, rather than a driver of it. In terms of pro active management, none of the referees seemed prepared to step in and tell the front rows what the problem was and to stop it. Happy to issue free kicks a lot - which implies that they knew what the problem was - and to allow collapses without actually intervening directly.

20-07-05, 08:07
rucks? you mean those things where bodies from all sides threw themselves willy nilly at a pile of bodies on the floor? That's not a ruck...

WRT O'Connelle (IIRC) going "over the top" at that early ruck close to the AB line in his defence I might argue that his only crime was to be the ONLY person doing it at that ruck. There were plenty of examples of "rucks" where his actions were carried out by several memebrs of both teams with nobody penalised.

I am fuly aware that this is showbiz refereeing.


31-07-05, 17:07
It would be ver interesting to see the marks from the IRB assesor of all the refs who officated.
I thought that in the first 2 test ,the team of three didn't help each other. At this level its vital to have good co-ordination in the team.

I thought a lot was missed especially in the mid weeks.
How much pressure it put on the refs to keep the game flowing form the IRB and TV , given the money in sponsorship.

I agree with the comments on steve walsh , does he get a special allowance for his hair?

Any ideas or comments,