View Full Version : Intentional knock on at lineout

22-09-07, 17:09
A player intentionally knocks a ball on at a lineout, but catches it before it hits the ground. The laws aren't clear here. 12.1 e) states that a players can't intentionally knock a ball on or throw forward, but it's not a knock on or throw forward unless the ball touches another player or hits the ground?

22-09-07, 18:09
There is a subtlety in the wording here. Law 12.1 (e) refers to a knock forward, not a knock-on. If you deliberately knock the ball forward, that is an offence, regardless of the requirements for a knock-on.

22-09-07, 18:09
The fact that it is a line out is irrelevant. I player must not deliberately propel the ball forward with hands or arms. The part about regathering before it hits the floor only applies if it is accidental.
This is why a player in a 1 on 1 situation can't throw the ball over the defender's head to regather without the defender being able to play the man without the ball.