View Full Version : Where's the Scrum?

14-10-07, 17:10
Ball passed back into in-goal by defending team near corner flag. After a few passes, ball ends up with defender behind his posts - he kicks ball which hits a post and goes dead 20m towards other corner.

Where should the (attacking) scrum be given?

14-10-07, 17:10
I would say from where he kicked it...

But most attacking sides would be happy anywhere "generally in front of posts" IMHO...

David J.
14-10-07, 17:10
I found 9 references to the awarding of a 5 m scrum in goal. Of those 6 don't mention where along the 5m line the scrum should be awarded. But 3 do and all three say in line with the place the ball became dead.

So, I'd say 5m from touch in line with where the ball crossed the dead ball line, but not closer than 5m from touch. If it crossed the touch in goal, then 5 m from touch, 5m out.

Gareth-Lee Smith
14-10-07, 18:10
I'd agree with David, but would be really picky and suggest he changes 'a 5m scrum in goal' to something else ;)

14-10-07, 18:10
Thank you.

I had it happen in my game yesterday (the ball actually went dead straight behind the kicker, but I thought I'd generalise the question).

My instinct was to give it in front of the posts, but before I blew [and with players looking amused and confused] the skipper (No8) of the defending team said "attacking scrum 5" and walked in front of the posts, so that made my mind up for me!!!

14-10-07, 19:10
I'd always go with inline with where it went dead.