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22-10-07, 21:10
4th XV of a level 7 club (white) vs 3rd XV of a level 8 club (yellow).

twice (within a minute) i had foul play on Saturday that warranted a yellow card. one was a trip, the other a very late tackle (well, shoulder charge).

in the first instance the white winger was clear but being chased down (probably would have been caught). the second was well after the ball had been passed, and white had a 2 man advantage. both between the 10 metre lines.

each time i penalised immediately, and sent the offending player to the bin. in hindsight i'm comfortable that i should have played advantage in each instance and then gone back for the card, but how should i have managed this? the only way i can think is a couple of clear calls of 'i've got it, don't get involved' or something similar while following play, and being prepared to reverse the penalty if white got involved in something unsavoury...

incidentally, yellow seemed a lot happier with my performance after the game than white.

22-10-07, 21:10
Foul play and advantage are tricky areas. You have to judge it as you see it. Remember, the good book says you are the only one who can judge advantage.

Sometimes, the best way to deal with foul play is to stop play and deal with it. If you don't you risk leaving a steaming mess on the floor ad you'll turn round and see the sinned against, dishing out some retribution which will, (sods law applying), will be worse than the first offence.

Other times, you get it spot on, play wonderful advantage which leads to a try and you get to deal with it.

Judge each play as you see it. You do get the hang of it (although judging from my recent reports, perhaps not!)

Happy whistling