View Full Version : Will Bristol Stay up?

22-08-05, 20:08
Hey people i was jst wondering if u fink bristol can stay up!!!! :)

Robert Burns
22-08-05, 20:08
I think so, I think Worcester and Leeds will have more problems than Bristol

22-08-05, 21:08
I think Bristol will survive also, however...

...can Harlequins get back up?

Simon Griffiths
22-08-05, 21:08
I would say that relegation will be between Bristol, Leeds and London Irish. Those are probably the three weakest teams, Worcester will probably look to build on a fairly successful season last year and should be looking for a play-off spot. Of course, if Gloucester play like they did after Christmas they'd be a good bet to go down! :o But they've looked good and have Vickery and Collazo back (not to mention a certain Ludovic Mercier), so we should have not problem grabbing at least a play-off place.

As for Harlequins - it'd take a brave man to bet against them coming back up (or a rather stupid one), they've got the set-up right, most of the players have stayed on (now if they can stay fit), but most importantly of all, that _insert expletive_ Mark Evans has given up coaching them (shouldn't have started coaching them) and they have a quality coach in Dean Richards who'll get them doing the basics more than well enough to thrash most Div 1 sides to within an inch of their life.

23-08-05, 13:08
i reckon quins will come straight back up after watching dem beat bristol 14-40 :mad: bristol never got goin!!!

Wert Twacky
24-08-05, 15:08
Bristol stay up? Yep - and watch London Irish pass Quins....you'll see. :p

Account Deleted
31-08-05, 12:08
No I think Bristol and the Quins will swap places (If the Harlequins ground is up to scratch).

03-09-05, 08:09
No london irish down quins up!