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16-11-07, 04:11
In tonight's high school match, green was attacking and 7 meters out from scoring, knocked on and I yelled, "Advantage blue scrum...knock on". The ball went untouched into blue's goal, blue touched it down and headed for the 22. I brought them back for the scum, awarded of course to blue.

Is this the right call or was shall I have awarded blue the advantage of the 22? Green did not score a try from the scrum by the way.

David J.
16-11-07, 06:11
You made the right call: 12.1 (c) & 22.7 (b).

16-11-07, 11:11
Quite correct. Although the 22m appears a more advantageous restart than the 5m scrum, it is not, in fact, an option.

16-11-07, 18:11
Thanks chaps. I felt strong about the call then and right afterwards, but thought I'd ask anyways.

17-11-07, 12:11
There have been threads about this one before.

In days of old, when men were bold and women weren't invented, the '25 yard' drop out would have been the normal consequence of a touchdown resulting from an opposition knock on into in goal

However, and I am sure O.B will know when the change occurred, it was considered that this extended the advantage beyond that appropriate to the offence. Effectively, a knock on is a knock on anywhere on the field of play for which a scrum to the opposition and no more is entirely appropriate.

17-11-07, 13:11
I am sure O.B will know when the change occurred

I have a collection of old law books, so I looked it up.

Incidentally, metrication took place in 1975.