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07-09-05, 14:09
This may sound a little bizarre, but bear with me.

I work - kind of ;) - in Human Resources, and I apply a lot of refereeing psychology to work, and vice versa.

I remember when I watched Living with Lions (97 tour) thinking that I was seeing a masterclass in management skills. In particular,, I loved Jim Telfer's little dialogue about "the honest rugby player"

This would have a lot of relevance to a training class that we're working on.

My video is in the UK, and wouldn't work here in Buttf@ck Virginia. Google is not helping - anyone got any ideas about where I can get a transcript of that homily?


07-09-05, 15:09
Diligent searching has led me nowhere. Unless someone who has the video is willing to sit down with pen and paper and transcribe it for you I suspect you're out of luck. Unfortunate that you'd use Telfer's speech about honesty. I much prefer the motivational scrummaging speech. I particularly liked him lambasting the front row on the scrum machine, and as they ran off, he muttered "a bunch of f***ing cats could move that". Highly Motivational!

07-09-05, 15:09
Jim Telfer is my hero!
Unfortunately, the scrum talk isn't one that I can use in training class - honesty, however, is!

That man is one scary dude. Having been "trained" by him, I can tell you that when he says "put yer feet there", your feet damn well go there!