View Full Version : Ball steadied until kicker kicks

19-01-08, 22:01
Regular blue kicker was in the bin, but Blue nevertheless score a try. Their secondary kicker uses the same cone as a tee, but tries to use a torpedo style - i.e. ball sloping forward towards the posts. The cone doesn't lend itself to this style, and the clock is ticking. Team-mates have retired behind half way. A water-boy comes to hold the ball. I sent him back, saying that it was fine to have the ball held, but it must be by a team mate. Kicker stands the ball straight, kicks and misses.

I was doubtful at the time, but reasoned that this was a playing function, and the team should not have more than 14 (the bin!) on the pitch in a playing function. Was I right, or should I have allowed the substitute to hold the ball? It was a good-natured L.10 league match with no niggle.

19-01-08, 22:01
Quite right.

19-01-08, 23:01
I agree with your decision. In a freindly, I would have trotted over to the opposition captain and checked that he was ok with it. But this was a league match, just imagine how much trouble you could have been in if you'd allowed him to hold it and the ball had gone through the posts. Rugby players can be VERY fickle.