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21-01-08, 13:01
During last Sats game with Cambridge, Redruth's maul collapsed over the line.

Ref. Nick Williams, to the obvious amusement of the crowd, gave the TMO signal, consulted with the TJ and awarded a try.

As he had previously YCed the Cambridge waterboy and conversed with a few hecklers thro' the game, all 'good naturedly' I might add, we thought the TMO signal was part of the 'fun' to help alleviate any unpleasant backlash from the last away game when the Reds were docked 10pts.

My ques. is, do refs use this signal now to inform the crowd that they are going into consultation, or was it his sense of humour?

I thought he controlled the game very well and thought the TMO signal a good idea irrespective.

21-01-08, 13:01
I've used it before when I've not been able to see whether a ball has been grounded or not, before going for a 5m scrum. I'd say it was his way of injecting a light hearted moment into the game.

As long as you don't clobber one of the players, as I did once :o

21-01-08, 13:01
I would suggest it was his sense of humour, you eithor award the try or not with the consultation of the TJ if necessary. I have used this signal for fun in the past, but only in friendlies, certainly not a league match no matter what the banter was like with the crowd.

(I also carry a white stick in my bag which helps break the ice on occassions - it was presented to me by a touring side from Holland after a friendly match I reffed, they had a great sense of humour) :biggrin:

Gareth-Lee Smith
21-01-08, 13:01
Your dog never did turn up though, did it?

21-01-08, 13:01
Your dog never did turn up though, did it?

I once borrowed a dog to go along with the white stick and dark glasses before I reffed a charity match between 2 vets sides on a boxing day:hap:

(I could have said she was with us Saturday..... but I know she reads this forum) :nono: Now I'm in trouble...... just joking love :wink:

21-01-08, 20:01
one of our L6's has a pair of the thickest "pop bottle" glasses you have ever seen...
wears em to clubs he has never been to before...
I ran touch for him last season and nearly wet myself laughing when he said "let me go in first"...
he then fell over 2 kit bags in the refs room in front of a coach... whose jaw almost hit the floor...
when he took off the specs - the coach nearly died when he realised the wind-up... he even knew the ref!

he actually said "i genuinely didn't know what to say"...

dont know if could get away with it and wouldn't try it myself

22-01-08, 22:01
Nick Williams - an enigma!!

01-08-12, 07:08
The enigma is now a member !!