View Full Version : Player "applauds" Referee...is then Sent Off!

15-09-05, 16:09
Thought this (http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/europe/4235276.stm) was an interesting article from the BBC website. Kudos to the referee for this one. Essentially gave him a Red Card for "Dissent", or maybe it was another yellow (and therefore the Red).

Either way, "fun" reading. The photo is priceless.


Mike Whittaker
15-09-05, 18:09
There is a bit more history to this story Bryan. It was the same referee who sent off the one and only David Beckham playing for England in a World Cup match of some importance - when he was a United player as well. Clearly a great friend of Sir Alex Ferguson!!

Robert Burns
16-09-05, 09:09
Fully deserved, WR was an idiot, good thing is Fergie didn't try and defend him.

I think that Ref is now the best in the world (now Colina's gone) always seems to handle the game very well.

16-09-05, 15:09

who cares?