View Full Version : How many refs do we need?

Mike Whittaker
16-09-05, 08:09
Browsing the IRB site, as one does, I was struck by the differences in numbers of players per referee in various countries.

Some examples of players per ref:-

Canada 12
Australia 27
Wales 30
New Zealand 62
France 74
USA 78
England 197
South Africa 213

No wonder referees in England and South Africa have short legs :)

16-09-05, 13:09
How many?

Just 1 per game works for me!

16-09-05, 16:09
Only 1? I find there are usually more like 31.

Of course only one has a whistle... (though I do remember a case where the referee had lost his whistle and had to resort to shouting "Stop!)

16-09-05, 17:09
12 players per ref in Canada? Where the hell are all these refs (b/c there are sure as heck enough players)? I'm covering 4 matches in the space of 3 days this weekend! Where the heck did the IRB get its numbers from? There must be some referee retirement community in Canada somewhere where we all go once we've hung up the whistle to spend the rest of our days in calm senility, dreaming of matches without a single penalty and players respecting the laws...
I'm pretty sure Rugby Canada has listed many referees who are "active", and by active I mean "actively dead".


Mike Whittaker
16-09-05, 17:09
I, likewise, am concerned about the number of people in England who are rugby players apparently.... they must add in every school child that goes to a school affiliated to the RFU!!!

17-09-05, 19:09
the problem with this sort of statistics of course is that they arev based on paper numbers whichninclude poeople that don;t actual whistle anynopre but are still a member of a society or somesuch.

One of the clubs I coach has 76 registered players. We get 20 to training at best,
the realistic 1st team squad is not much larger, and the 2nd team gets out about 1 week in three because of lack of players!