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10-04-08, 22:04
(in Welsh accent...)
"if you want to continue to play in this game, you play it disciplined.
You understand?
When that whistle goes and when i speak to you, you listen!

If i need to speak to you again it will be dealt with differently.
You understand?
Back you go.
End of."

10-04-08, 23:04

Simon Thomas
11-04-08, 09:04
Excellent management of a player that had totally lost it (typical wing !)

11-04-08, 09:04
yes, ST, i agree ... i think he made a few mistakes with scrum awards early on )against glaws) but he was closer to the action than me (by a few hundred miles) .. apart from that anotehr good game and wonderful management.
it seems that his recent form has been excellent compared to say a year ago. it seems like a great weight has been lifted from him so he can concentrate on priorities such as reffing to the level that his abilities demand.