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26-09-05, 05:09
I don't know how relevant this might be for any of you, but I thought it would be interesting to tell you about it.

Since last Friday until next Sunday the South American Championship group B is taking place in Assuncion, Paraguay. The champion of group B moves directly to group A, and will play against Chile, Uruguay and Argentina. Group B countries are Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela.

It is going to be a tough tournament, and the champion is probably going to be Paraguay. Brazil is the only one with conditions to beat the home team, but it is unlikely to happen (last year we lost at home 22-17). The good news are the improvements made by Peru and Venezuela, but specially the first one. Just for you to have an idea, in last year's group B championship Brazil has beat Peru by 73-3, and this Friday the result was only 38-14. Maybe the peruvian team was a different one, but it is impressive, anyway.

And a final note, unfortunately the group B champion will not have a chance when playing the Group A. The difference is enormous, the Argentine's 3rd XV beats quite easily all group B countries, and Uruguay and Chile are still well ahead of them.

I'll post the results as I get them. I hope you find it interesting. The bold results are last year's ones.

FRI 23/09 Brazil 38 x 14 Peru (73-3)
Paraguai 82 x 08 Colombia (76-7)

SUN 25/09 Brazil 20 x 12 Venezuela (11-5)
Paraguai 68 x 3 Peru (74-0)

WED 28/09 Peru 17 x 16 Colombia (15-10)
Paraguai 94 x 7 Venezuela (didn't play)

FRI 30/09 Peru 20 x 19 Venezuela (22-32)
Brazil 64 x 0 Colombia (74-0)

SUN 02/10 Colombia 24 x 7 Venezuela (27-31)
Paraguai 45 x 8 Brazil (22-17)

Robert Burns
26-09-05, 08:09
Sounds very interesting Fabio, It's good to see how the developing nations are doing in the game.

I look forward to seeing the results as you update them.

26-09-05, 10:09
The match between Paraguay and Peru was 68-3 to Paraguay. I will post in the first thread the results from last year with bold font, so everyone can have an idea of the development. Last years tournament was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

26-09-05, 13:09
Thanks Fabio.

Were any of the referees from the USA?

27-09-05, 07:09
Were any of the referees from the USA?
I don't think so, Simon. So far, only refs from Argentina and Uruguay have officiated.

29-09-05, 15:09
The third round had these results:
Peru 17 x 16 Colombia
Paraguay 94 x 7 Venezuela

The first one was expected, but no one has seen the second result coming. Venezuela is supposed to be the third one in this tournament, and it was expected for them to lose to Paraguay, but the result is impressive. I am starting to fear the result of Paraguay vs. Brasil next Sunday...

If any of you understand Spanish and is interested in reading more about it, here is the link for a Argentinian web site (http://www.tercertiemporugby.com.ar/secciones.asp?seccion=Torneos%20Int.&subseccion=Sudamericano) which is covering the event.

01-10-05, 15:10
Peru is the biggest surprise for us all in this tournament. Well, not to the Peruvians... after ther good result against Brasil, I tried to find out if something different is happening up there, and I discovered that they had serious improvements in the last six years and good planning is taking place. Good for them this is happening.

Friday's results:
Peru 20 - 19 Venezuela
Brasil 64 - 0 Colombia

In the final round Venezuela would be the favourite against Colombia, but with this result against Peru and that terrible loss to Paraguay... I am not sure if they have brought their 1st team. And the final match, Brasil vs. Paraguay, will be also valid for the 2007 World Cup Qualifying. Unfortunatelly, Paraguay is more likely to win...

03-10-05, 20:10
The South American B Championship has ended. The Paraguayan National Team, also known as "Los Yacarés" (The Alligators), have secured their crown at home after beating Brazil by 45-8. The other macth confirmed the disappointment of the event: Venezuela lost to Colombia 24-7.

The final balance of the tournament would go like this:

1st - Paraguay: no one can argue this was not the best group around. Their main strenght is their pack, very strong and very fast. They have deservedly climbed one place in the World Rankings to 30th, leaving Spain behind them at 31st place;

2nd - Brazil: our national team had almost the same line-up as last year's, we only lost one of our best players, who is working and playing in Australia and didn't come to the championship. The results happened as expected against Venezuela and Colombia, but the tighter win against Peru and the higher point difference against Paraguay, both compared to last year, didn't. Brazil didn't change its place in the World rankings, staying at 34th;

3rd - Peru: a very nice surprise, this Peruvian team was. Great improvement, tight lost against Brazil and victories over Colombia and Venezuela. We all hope they keep up with the good work. Peru has climbed 4 positions and are now 54th;

4th - Colombia: Colombia still has a lot to do to improve their game (well, all the participants do), but it was nice to see they lost by only one point against Peru and have beaten Venezuela in the final round. With the results, Colombia lost 2 positions, falling from 83rd to 85th;

5th - Venezuela: the sad side of this championship. Everyone expected them to do hard matches against Brazil and Paraguay and easily beat Peru and Colombia, but it didn't happen. I don't have the information, but I can only believe they didn't have their 1st team playing. Venezuela lost 6 positions int the World Rankings, falling from 47th to 53rd.

Well, I think this is it. I hope you enjoyed the information. If you want to read more about it, there is a small note on the iRB website (http://www.irb.com/WR/Rankings+News/051003+SL+rankings.htm). And for those who understands Spanish, the news can be read at this Argentinian website called Tercer Tiempo (http://www.tercertiemporugby.com.ar/secciones.asp?seccion=Torneos%20Int.&subseccion=Sudamericano).