View Full Version : 10s Variations - single match

07-05-08, 13:05
Any suggestions as to what would make a good set of variations for a brand new ladies side only just able to field 10 players (most have never played before) playing their first (and last) match of the season?

Uncontested scrums and no "supporting" in the line out already agreed, scrum half restricted to the centre of the tunnel as U13/U15 under consideration.

Playing time? Anything else?

07-05-08, 16:05
Actually, I would go for French junior rules. Anything normally requiring a scrum or lineout gets the following restart, at least 5m in from touch: ref picks up ball at the mark. Offending side have to retire 5m. ref then takes two paces forward, followed by non-offending SH. He plonks the ball on the deck, upon which both sides rejoin the game. Makes for a fast and exciting running game without the technically-complex areas that the teams aren't trained to manage.

Whether or not you go with that, I'd assume that the participants may not be fit, not having had a season's rugby behind them. 20 minute halves? Anything requiring a drop kick can be punted, except a DG, as most aldies newish to the game are completely unable to effect one properly.