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15-07-08, 12:07
Hi All,

Just joined as I am coming back to refereeing after a 4 year lay off as a spectacularly unsuccessful triathlete! Just my luck to arrive in time for the ELVs. Most I think I understand, but looking through the rfu web site I'm struggling to find reference to the award of a free kick for killing the ball or handling in the ruck. Super 12 and tri nation refs seem to be spennding most of their time with a raised bent arm these days. Is this adopted in the NH? Presumably not coming in through the gate remains a penalty as it is to be "rigidly enforced". Am I also right in thinking the pulling down of the maul is adopted for senior but not U19 and below. Help please as September seems to be rushing at me at the moment!

15-07-08, 12:07
Ian - there are countless ELV threads.

Suggest you use the "search" function for the string "elv", and go from there!!

And welcome

Phil E
15-07-08, 13:07

Follow this link http://www.rfu.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/RFUHome.articles_Detail/StoryID/20179

Download the last pdf where it says - You can download the iRB guide to the Experimental Law Variations PDF by clicking here

That should clear it all up for you.

Simon Thomas
15-07-08, 13:07
13 ELVs are used globally (so NH) and these do not include the ones for more FKs ! SH is using a different 'full set' as they are in middle of their season.

The RFU have a series of ELV workshops around the country so contact your club / CB / Society or see www.rfu.com/elv (http://www.rfu.com/com).
Details of these meetings are available here (http://www.community-rugby.com/communityrugby/index.cfm/Fuseaction/Home.Download_Counter/StoryId/17012/downloadid/3403/filename/elv-CB-info-address-9july.doc). Links to other ELV information is on the RFU page, including IRB guide (http://www.rfu.com/elv/pdf/irb-elv-guide.pdf).

There is lots more information on here about ELVs in the registered referee areas