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16-10-05, 21:10
had a chat this evening with a chum that is a ref regarding the following situation in the osprey's game today (?) - I didn't see it but my chum did (I think!)

Osprey's awarded a 22m drop out towards the end of the game. Osprey 1 has the ball near the 22m line.. throws the ball to another Osprey's player nearby ... who repeats the act to another osprey (I am reading that they were looking for an advantage in the positioning of the kicker). the referee awarded a PK for time-wasting, which proved to be the winning kick.

Now - I didn't see it so don't know if it was really time wasting... but throw the situation open to debate with a couple of general questions

- if you saw it was it time wasting (my chum clearly thought not ... and he's not an osprey's fan either ;-) ?

- if it was time wasting is the penalty a PK? should it be a FK?



16-10-05, 21:10
I didn't see this game but the answer to your second question is at "Law 13.11 Delay in Drop-Out.

The drop-out must be taken without delay.
Penalty: Free kick on the 22-metre line."

If there was dissent to the decision then it would still be a FK only 10 metres nearer to the goal line. I'm strugging to imagine what could turn a FK to a PK at this point.

17-10-05, 00:10
Saw this one elsewhere. Somebody said he could clearly be heard telling the players to get on with it. My theory is that he could have decided it was Intentional Offending (particularly if they did in fact ignore his instructions) which is a PK offence. It would mean judging that they did not care about giving away a FK (because you cannot score directly from that), as long as they ran the clock down. Apparently it was in the final minute.

I have no idea if that fits the facts, but I bet they don't take the same risk again.

I wonder what signal he gave?